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Basic Wash

The outside is washed and chamois dried and windows cleaned outside, also the door jambs will be wiped dry so no water marks are left when you open the doors, and tyres dressed and protected

Prices from:

Small: $30.00

Medium: $35.00

Large: $40.00


Outside of the vehicle is washed and dried, the door jambs are wiped dry so as there is no water drips when you open the doors, the tyres will be dressed,  the inside vacuumed so the seats, floor/ mats, and boot will look their best, windows cleaned inside and out, console/dash and door panels will be cleaned and dusted.

Prices from:

Small: $50.00

Medium: $60.00

Large: $70.00

The Deluxe

This package includes the entire TLC package Plus: It will also include console,dash and door panels dressed and protected, Removal of minor stains and spots from seats and carpets, plus deodorized.

Prices from:

Small: $60.00

medium: $70.00

Large: $80.00

The Premium

As this Includes the entire Deluxe Package you will also have an exterior hand wax applied and this will help to protect your paint work

Prices from:

Small: $80.00

Medium: $90.00

Large: $100.00

The Ultimate

As the Ultimate would be ideal for that once a year clean out, or if you are considering selling or trading in your car and want it looking it’s best!!

This package goes that little bit further and includes: The entire Premium package and will  include an interior leather clean and  fabric seats shampoo or steam cleaned, the exterior will be machine buffed and polished to remove minor scratches and light swirl marks as this will help make the paintwork look and feel it’s best.

Prices from:

Small: $220.00

Medium: $275.00

Large: $330.00